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An Article from MSDN Magazine on SideWaffle

Since graduating with my bachelor’s degree a few months ago, I have spent my free time working on an open source extension for Visual Studio called SideWaffle. It was created by Sayed Hashimi and Mads Kristensen in the fall of 2013. When installed it adds many new project templates, item templates and snippets to Visual Studio.

Since joining the core development team in January, one of the main items I have been focusing on is creating new templates and updating any outdated or non-working templates. Request for new templates and notification for non-working/outdated templates are posted to the project’s issues page on GitHub.

One of the other items I’ve been working on is documentation. Sayed and I have spent much time updating some of our existing documentation, some of which accommodates recent changes to the project. Most recently, we have written an article for MSDN Magazine titled “Create Your Own Visual Studio Templates with SideWaffle”. The article gives an overview of SideWaffle, walks through creating a project template, item template, and snippet using the extension. It also explains how some of the behind the scenes work involved with creating the templates. We’d love you to read the article, try out SideWaffle, and give us some feedback.

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