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Welcome to Microsoft Azure

Good evening,

It’s been a while since my last post and for good reason. I’ve been busy with a few things and I’m going to talk about them here today. First and foremost, I’m very happy to announce that you are now looking at my blog on Microsoft Azure. My former hosting provider was GoDaddy and I kept experiencing an issue where the blog post would not save to the file system on the web server. I was having to run the blog locally to create the file then upload the post’s XML file to the server manually. Now that I’m on Azure, everything just works. I couldn’t ask for a better setup. In addition to being hosted on Azure, I am also now able to use Windows Live Writer. For some reason, WLW just could not save the post’s XML file to the server nor could it pull my blog’s theme. Thankfully, all of that is now fixed and I can get back to writing about web development.

That’s all for today and until next time.

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