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As A New Developer

A year ago Charlotte Spencer wrote a blog post titled “As a new developer”. At the time, I had just graduated college and was just getting started in my career. My development experience was limited to the few projects I had completed in my college courses, which caused me to feel much like Charlotte did in her post. Even today I can still relate to the feelings Charlotte described that day.

Often we feel inadequate when comparing our work to others. Charlotte described the experience well when she said that often we, as new developers, can easily be swayed by other developers who have more experience. I’ve seen and talked with others who have cranked out a new product prototype in a weekend where as it probably would have taken a couple of months for me to do the same. While I do believe that I have become a better developer this past year I can still see where I need to make some improvements. My code may not always be the cleanest or be the simplest solution, but you can trust that I will continuously be striving to improve myself as a developer.

If you haven’t already read her blog post, I highly recommend it. I also recommend you watch Jesse Warden’s video response to the post. Jesse answers the questions Charlotte has in her post and offers some words of advice for anyone who shares similar feelings as Charlotte. If you’re a new developer this video has some great advice.

Until next time.

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